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True North
July 18th, 2012 9:27 AM

I used to believe that happiness could only be found after arriving at my heart's destination.  Explorers call it true north.  For me, true north was enough success to ensure there was plenty of money to control my own creative destiny, and to allow me the luxury to pursue my passions. 

Now that I have spent far longer on the road from "here" to "there" than I could have ever imagined when the adventure actually began, I have come to realize that I have always controlled my own creative destiny, although not always on its course.  I simply didn't have the common sense to realize it until now.

I have finally learned that the spirit of our journey is as important, perhaps even more important, than the arrival at our destination.  In order for us to realize genuine happiness, we must be willing to court contentment every step of the way.  In this world of extreme discontent, it is so important to learn to be content with where you are and what you have at this given moment. 

I just lost a very good friend this week to cancer, after a year long battle.  Having lost my first husband to the same dreaded disease, it becomes a brutal reminder that the journey is really all that most of us will ever know.  Day in, day out, the journey is real life.  Enjoy every day . . . . enjoy the journey!

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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on July 18th, 2012 9:27 AMPost a Comment

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