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The Way We Live
October 27th, 2015 10:18 AM
Barbara's Blog:
Much hype centers on healthy living and whether or not gluten has been eliminated from the diet, or we have walked our 10,000 steps daily.  But building and design professionals believe that health benefits may be derived from fundamental changes in how we live. They are creating new visions for future homes, both single-family and multi-family and are moving beyond open floor plans.

Flexible spaces are giving way to homes that can accommodate multiple generations, which will influence the size of homes and how they look and function, both inside and out.   In addition, future changes will reflect where homes are built, as an increasing number of buyers, from millennials to boomers, want to shorten their commutes and walk more. People of all ages are getting tired of their long commutes by car and care less about square footage than finding a home in a location that's compatible with their jobs, or interests and values.  

When looking for a resale home, many, especially seniors, are looking for nearby conveniences and amenities that are important to their lifestyle.  Not only is the home and community important, but how close the medical facilities, grocery stores, movie theaters, restaurants and other needed facilities are located.  Convenience is replacing the lure of suburbia and larger homes from the past.  Seniors also enjoy the luxury of on-site exercise facilities, walking and bicycle trails, tennis courts, lap size swimming pools and other amenities that help make daily fitness easily accessible.

Senior communities in Ridgewood Lakes, High Vista and Del Webb Orlando, offer all of the above and much more . . . . . friendship and companionship of neighbors who take care of each other when a need arises.  As residents of a community surrounded by endless beauty and nature, the way we live here has created our very own paradise, away from the city, not suburbia, but a little bit of our own heaven on earth, with much to enjoy!

written by Barbara Doeringer

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Posted by Allen Doeringer on October 27th, 2015 10:18 AMPost a Comment

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