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The Fragrant Home
March 23rd, 2011 10:58 AM

We have all heard the phrase, "There's no place like home!"  Perhaps there's no place like home because no place else on earth smells quite like home.  A fragrant home is a simple pleasure, but one rich in the resonance of reassurance.   Subtly layering scents throughout the rooms in your home gives a feeling of luxury to your living spaces.   Here are some ways to make your home smell heavenly.

Regularly air your rooms out by opening the windows wide and letting fresh air circulate, even in winter and in the evenings during the hot summer.

If you have animals, use a baking soda carpet freshener every time you vacuum to eliminate odors.  We become accustomed to the smell of our pets, but it can be overpowering to unsuspecting visitors.

Simmer apple cider, cinnamon, and cloves in water.  This is a trick we realtors suggest to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere when prospective buyers come to view.  It will create such an inviting environment you might decide not to move after all!

Gently rub fragrance oils onto unfinished or unpainted wood, such as the undersides of tables and chairs, doorjambs and windowsills, the interiors of wooden drawers, closet rods, and shelves.  These oils can also be added to the metal rings that sit on lightbulbs; whenever you turn on the lights, frangrance will waft through the room.  Of course there are a variety of scented candles, plug ins, and room fresheners available today as well.

Set bowls of potpourri throughout your home, but use only one type so that the fragrances won't compete. Use florals in the spring and summer, and spicy potpourri in the fall and winter.  Making your own potpourri is an enjoyable, relaxing pastime, as is making sachets, pomanders, fragrant pillows, and floral waters.  There are many books that provide inspiring "scent recipes." 

If you have a fireplace (yes, even in Florida) you can burn aromatic woods and grasses.  Collect driftwood at the beach and bring it home; sprinkle dried rosemary bundles with an essential oil of balsam, lavender, or cinnamon and throw in with logs.  Native Americans burn sage bundles to purify their surroundings and to invoke a blessing on the sacred space of their dwellings.  There are all kinds of scented specialities that can be added to the fire.

From the moment humans first began to follow their noses, scent has been an irresistible magnet drawing the heart and imagination home.   Make yours a fragrant haven for all to enjoy.   


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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on March 23rd, 2011 10:58 AMPost a Comment

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