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Telling The Truth
April 27th, 2010 11:14 AM

We all spend a great deal of time shading the facts, telling a little white lie to avoid hurting feelings, or even withholding information.  We think this is the right thing to do to maintain an image, when in fact, we are actually complicating our lives.

Even in real estate, being honest all the time is rare, but so vitally important.  Having the courage to be honest and have a genuine relationship with others is based on reality.  By withholding information, you have to remember what you have said and what the person's reaction might be, and you start manipulating information to control the outcome.  Delivering the truth is easier, takes less time, and is less stressful. 

Being honest and truthful is not easy.  Telling buyers or sellers something you know they don't want to hear is most difficult.  But it also gives the opportunity to provide other options,  give creative suggestions, and a chance to educate them into making positive decisions.  Much respect is gained and trust is developed when it is shown how hard you think and what you say is honest. 

We may not be the largest real estate company with the most listings, have the biggest market share, boast the highest profits, or offer the most services, but one thing we do have is honesty and integrity.  In an extremely difficult economic market, our small company has survived the "perfect storm"  in real estate, and that says it all . . . . . truthfully!


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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on April 27th, 2010 11:14 AMPost a Comment

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