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March 15th, 2016 10:58 AM


Barbara’s Blog:

It is a well-known fact that to have great success in any endeavor, it takes a dedicated team with individual talents.  No one is any less important than the other for without one piece of the puzzle, the end result is not complete.  This past weekend provided a prime example of a “team of talent” when the Off. . . Off . . Broadway Players presented a play titled “Only An Orphan Girl” at the High Vista Clubhouse of Ridgewood Lakes. 

Everyone knows that it takes a cast of thespians to perform in the play, but not many realize how dozens of “behind the scenes” volunteers are needed to actually make it happen.  Beginning with the director and producer, it takes hours of preparation and auditions, with added planning and “directing.”  Lighting effects and sound must be provided; wardrobes must be selected and a talented seamstress must then make alterations or create any additions necessary. Make-up must be provided to the actors, with a team of volunteers.  Background scenery and set designs must be created and props found to make the performances as realistic as possible. 

An arrangement of music is needed and created, and in this instance with singing assistance.  Add to that a stage manager, prompters (for lines), a set-up crew, clean-up crew, back stage crew, ticket production and sales personnel, advertising crew,  creating  posters, playbill layout, production and tickets.  Finally, volunteers are needed to collect tickets at the shows.   

It takes a multitude of volunteers and a “talented team” to create the success of a play, and it is impossible to mention everyone who was involved, fearing I would forget someone.  But I want to personally thank those who put in so many hours to make this happen and I am also delighted that I was given the chance to do something out of my “comfort zone,” thanks to the talent of great neighbors. 

Written by Barbara Doeringer


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