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July 28th, 2015 2:30 PM

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 Some sellers are certain about how much their home should sell for, insist staging is not necessary or become difficult in setting up showings.  But the successful sellers are the ones who listen to the advice of their realtor and trust his/her guidance from years of experience.

It is not easy for sellers to be told that the market value of their home is lower than they think.  Some sellers may think that overpricing their home will get them closer to the amount they really want when negotiating, but most buyers do not feel comfortable lowballing and instead will wait for another home closer to their price range.   Frequent price reductions could also undermine the sellers’ final price. 

Sellers should understand that it is the current market that drives the prices and comparable properties that have recently sold.  A realtor will show comparable homes in a market analysis and can even offer to take a seller on a tour to view homes that may be in better condition around the same price range in the neighborhood.  It can be an eye-opening experience to see a comparable home that is priced lower but with more upgrades and in need of fewer repairs.

Most sellers have spent years decorating their house to convey their personal taste.  But a home needs to appear more neutral to appeal to the largest market of buyers.   Personal and emotional attachment to the home often prevents a seller from making the necessary changes to prepare the home for sale, but if a seller can think of the home as a “commodity” and think objectively towards making a sale, then it is easier to remove the personal items, photos, and collections to be put in storage and clear the home of any clutter. 

Successful Sellers are open and flexible to the advice and guidance of their realtor who is working to get the best possible price while keeping the sellers focused on the goal of getting their home sold.  It may take some adjustments, but no one wins unless everyone does!


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