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Staying Cool
June 26th, 2013 11:18 AM

We are now in the heat of the summer season and it takes some time to acclimate to the intense heat and humidity that June, July and August bring here in Florida.  Many people escape to the north for the summer months for this reason.  But there are many ways to stay cool here in the sunshine state.

We are lucky in Central Florida to have the sea breezes go across the state both morning and late afternoon.  The best times to be outdoors is early morning, before 9 AM and in the evenings, after 8 PM.  But for those brave enough to be at the theme parks all day long, it is imperative to hydrate the body and find places to cool down.  All buildings and restaurants are well air conditioned and there are plenty of shady spots around.  People should drink an abundance of water instead of colas or drinks with sugar. Alcohol should be limited or saved for later in the evenings.  

Vacation homes have swimming pools, so this is a great, refreshing way to cool off any time of the day.  Many parks also have water play areas or cooling mists for guests to enjoy and use to cool down. 

Nothing beats eating some ice cream any time of the day!  In addition, there are a variety of frozen fruit drinks to enjoy that will not only refresh, but give added energy in the heat. 

Most important, always use plenty of sun screen!  We see too many guests from other state or countries who want to thoroughly enjoy the heat and sun that Florida provides.  But during the summer months especially, our sun is extremely intense and it only takes a short amount of time to get severely sunburned. 

It takes a little over an hour to reach either the Atlantic or Gulf coast beaches for a full day of cool down.  But here again, much caution is needed to avoid dehydration or sunburn.  Sunscreen, sunglasses, and covered heads are a must at the beach!

Enjoy summer in Florida.  It is a great time of year.  The days are long enough to enjoy the most gorgeous sunrise, the most breathtaking sunset, and many outdoor activities in between! 

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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on June 26th, 2013 11:18 AMPost a Comment

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