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Seven "F" Words
July 24th, 2013 11:04 AM

Recently, I have complained about all the terrible language being used by the media these days,  in TV, videos and movies, which prompts our younger generation to use it loosely as well.   I came across an article written about seven "F" words that seem to be a wonderful guideline in living a good life, and they don't have anything at all to do with "language" but more of a positive attitude, which says it all:

Fun:  Keep fun in your life by watching comedies, sharing stories, reading a good book, riding zip lines, going to Disney World, playing like you are young again.  Fun releases natural hormones called "endorphins" which combat stress and are good for you!

Food:  Not to overindulge, but to truly enjoy a different cuisine, a good healthy meal, outdoor BBQ, specifically with family or friends.  Sharing a meal with someone adds to the "fun."

Fitness:  We were made to  physically interact with our world, so we should embrace activity and fitness.  Go for a walk, bike ride, swim in the pool, or jog, but keep moving to keep your body in good working order and increase energy.

Finances:  The most precious thing money buys is time:  family time, beach time, travel time.  We don't have to buy everything we want and we don't need the latest technology or the largest house.  But we do need to spend leisure time doing what we enjoy most with those most important to us and that does take some money.  Make sure to prioritize.

Flight:  Reduce your unnecessary expenses and divert some money to travel.  There is nothing more exciting or refreshing than getting away to a place never visited and taking new adventures.  Right in our own country lies so many treasures to explore and exciting places to visit.   Living in Florida provides even more opportunities with several cruise ports to choose from.

Family:  This is a word that can be endearing but if immediate family is not, look for family elsewhere, in friends, work, church, or wherever a close relationship exists.  You find family where you find belonging and acceptance.

Faith:  We end with "faith" because that is what embraces us and keeps us from falling when all else fails.  It is a grip that comes from just beyond the edge of our darkness.  It is an authority that comes from the light.  When I keep the faith, faith keeps me. 

If we live by these seven "F" words, there is no room for harsh words or foul language.  Instead, there is happiness, contentment, and harmony.

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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on July 24th, 2013 11:04 AMPost a Comment

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