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Safe Kitchens
April 12th, 2016 10:50 AM

Barbara’s Blog:

Safety in the home is always a major concern, but so many little things escape our notice specifically in the kitchen.  Here are some strategies to keep a kitchen safe, according to AARP:

Contrary to what we have heard, there is no need to rinse meat, poultry or fish before cooking.  Doing so can spread bacteria to the sink, counter tops and other kitchen surfaces.

Illness-causing bacteria can grow in perishable foods within two hours.  So put leftovers in the refrigerator as soon as possible, even if they’re still warm.

Marinate in the fridge.  Harmful germs in marinade or food can multiply quickly at room temperature.

Don’t be tempted to save energy costs by setting the refrigerator and freezer at slightly higher temperatures, as it beckons bacteria.  Keep the fridge 40 degrees, the freezer at 0 degrees.

When frying food, keep a lid nearby to smother a small grease fire.

Microwaves cause more emergency room scald injuries than any other kitchen device.  Let food cool a few minutes before removing, and be careful touching a hot container or removing a cover.  Allow scalding steam to escape. 

Don’t stick to Teflon cookware.  Pans coated with Teflon that were made before 2012 contain perfluorooctanoic acid, and studies in lab animals have found exposure to these chemicals increases the risk of certain cancers.  Stainless steel and cast iron are the better choices.

And “beware the bagel!”  Nearly 3,000 people in 2014 cut their hand or fingers while trying to slice a bagel.  Either buy them presliced or purchase a bagel slicer.

Simple awareness of small kitchen safeties can prevent future injuries or illnesses to adults and children, especially with the summer months ahead, full of family reunions and indoor/ outdoor entertaining. 

Written by Barbara Doeringer

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Posted by Allen Doeringer on April 12th, 2016 10:50 AMPost a Comment

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