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Rightsizing Tips
September 8th, 2015 10:50 AM

Barbara's Blog:

Whether or not you are preparing to sell, or just wanting to clean out a major area of the house, there is a process that will make this chore a bit easier. Here are the "Top 10 Rightsizing Tips:

  1. Start with the easy stuff.  Eliminate anything that's broken, damaged or no longer wanted. 
  2. Ask yourself, "If this disappeared tomorrow, would I run out and replace it?"  If you wouldn't miss it or need to replace, it is not worth keeping.
  3. Don't be a storage unit for others.  If friends or relatives have left things for you to store, it's time to ask them to pick them up.  Be tough and set a firm deadline or you will donate the items.
  4. Ask for help.  A family member, good friend, or even a professional organizer can help make the job more manageable.
  5. Decide what's really important.  Pretend you are moving overseas, and the number of items you can take will be severely limited.  What items matter to you most?
  6. Is this something from a lifestyle I no longer have or want? For example, if you have three cabinets full of pots and pans, but now only cook for one or two people, give away a few sets.
  7. Schedule a regular time each week to work on rightsizing.  Since you didn't accumulate everything overnight, it will take time to sort through and make the decisions what not to keep.
  8. Value what you keep.  The fewer things you keep, the more you will treasure and enjoy what you have. 
  9. Prevent new collections from forming.  Instead of material gifts, ask people to spoil you by sharing time, enjoying new experiences, and indulging in luxuries (spa certificates, a theatre production, dinner gift cards) . . . the things you love, but don't buy for yourself.
  10. Use age to your advantage.  Now is a great time to "gift" items you "eventually" want family members to have.  Those photo albums and special memory items can be given now  instead of stored for many more years 

It doesn't take long to accumulate lots of "stuff" but it is a major job to get rid of it.  By rightsizing and downsizing, life becomes more simple and enjoyable. 

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Posted by Allen Doeringer on September 8th, 2015 10:50 AMPost a Comment

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