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Ridgewood Rumors
October 12th, 2011 10:49 AM

Everyone knows how a rumor may begin with an innocent comment, but then can escalate out of control where many of the actual facts become distorted or are not based on definite knowledge or truth.  Recently, there have been many such rumors circulating the area concerning Ridgewood Lakes Golf Course Community.

As realtors and promotors of Ridgewood Lakes, my husband and I are very much concerned about the future of this pristine community, not only from a business standpoint, but because we also live here.   Consequently, we attempt to stay current with as much accurate information as we can so that we can answer many of the questions that potential buyers may have.

No one can know what the future may hold, especially in these uncertain economic times, the instability of the world markets, and global unrest.  For that reason, it is futile to be distressed over the "what ifs" in any situation, but to concentrate on what is a known fact.

The rumor about Ridgewood Lakes Golf Course is that it has closed.   The fact is that is has never closed and is indeed still open and operating as usual.  The truth is that there are some financial concerns and some changes will need to be made.  Current residents and members of the golf course have agreed to assist management in maintaining and operating the golf course until the needed changes are finalized.  Del Webb Orlando has announced their Grand Opening of new models later this month, and this 5 star golf course is heavily promoted in their advertising.  It is certain that every effort will be made to assure that the golf course remains open and fully operating.

Various rumors have been circling concerning a proposed sand mine to be in operation on property adjacent to the east side of the Ridgewood Lakes development.   A great deal of  media attention has been given to this, as many residents are strongly opposed to the decision to go forward given by Polk County Commissioners, with specific restrictions.  Most residents are concerned about possible noise, pollution, health issues, and depreciation of home values.  There are many details that have been argued  after much investigation and researching of existing sand mine operations, which is sometimes not as invasive as people think.  The fact is that the  sand mine plants that do exist in the surrounding  residential areas of Davenport and Polk County have been there for many years.  To date, we do not have any verifiable evidence that they have impacted local communities in any negative ways.   Again, it is the "what ifs" that haunt local residents and cause undue stress for a future that no one can control or predict.   

Going forward, we will continue to do the best we can to maintain and promote Ridgewood Lakes as one of the best golf course communities in the area.  We have an ideal location, gorgeous wooded areas and walking trails, beautiful lakes, a 5 star golf course, 24-hour security, an abundance of beauty and nature, and some of the best neighbors anyone could have!  "What if" the golf course never closes and the sand mine never happens or is never even noticed?   The future will take care of itself. 


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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on October 12th, 2011 10:49 AMPost a Comment

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