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"Reel" Escapes
November 10th, 2010 12:03 PM

So much of life today is centered on problems, recovery and the painful struggles of trying to meet all the unrelenting demands of living in this strained economy.  But by dwelling only on problems, we limit ourselves by failing to see the promising possibilities.  Movies can elevate our sights and enlarge our imagination. 

Film, like poetry, is one of our heart's most subtle agents.  It reminds us of what we know, helps us to stretch and change, and provides us with a means of becoming creative.  "Reel" power is the ability to dig out and use whatever is spiritually valuable to us in a movie.  Movies today are actually celluloid fairy tales for a culture that no longer sits around the campfire listening to the stories told by older generations.

We can choose period movies with lush sets and costumes for a visual fix, rely on comedies for relief from stress, and even seek out the old mysteries and romantic classics for sheer escape.  We all can use the uplift provided by films that inspire, encourage, affirm, and celebrate the human spirit.  Matching your mood to a movie is very restorative and rewarding.

Personally, I love movies and try to watch them several times a week.  There are all kinds of ways to enjoy them:  at the movie theatre,  through home DVD's, or simply movies on TV channels.   But try to have something worth watching at least once a week for that needed "escape."

Movies mirror us and invite us to go beyond the obvious.  Their themes and images can powerfully equip us to see ourselves as we are at our worst, and our best, or to help us invent new scripts about who we hope to be.  Some films seem to be a grace expressly given for our edification.   Pick out a good movie this week and enjoy a few hours of "reel" escape!







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