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Open Door Dangers
November 6th, 2014 9:52 AM

We purchase alarm systems to keep strangers out of our homes.  But then agents and sellers turn around and open the front door to anyone who wants to see the home, no questions asked.  This contradiction is exactly why open houses no longer make sense.   We live in a much different world now, and caution with unknown persons is extremely important. 

Visitors at open houses usually have not even spoken to a mortgage lender yet; they have no clue how much the homeowner is asking, and chances are they won't end up buying the home.  But one thing the open house does is invite theft or danger.   

There have been reported kidnappings and murders of several real estate agents in the past couple months.  There have also been incidents of couples working together, one distracting the agent while the other seeks to steal anything valuable in the home.   It simply is not safe any longer to be alone with people you know nothing about, or to invite numerous buyers through a home at one time.

When a prospective client asks to see a home, an appointment should be scheduled to allow for more detailed information to be collected on him/her.  This way, it can also be determined what particular homes the buyer is qualified to purchase.  It eliminates the waste of time for both the homeowner and the agent. 

With modern technology, buyers have so many ways right in the palm of their hands to view a home and get specific details,  that it makes the need for open houses much less pressing.  It is much more important to create a safer environment not only for the agents, but for the homeowners as well.

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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on November 6th, 2014 9:52 AMPost a Comment

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