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Needs and Wants
January 7th, 2014 9:18 AM

On the heels of Christmas, many will say they got what they wanted.  Our Christmas wishes usually are a list of "wants" rather than "needs."  But few of us have everything we want because our wants can seem positively all-consuming and an endless list.  Our sensibilities become confused and overstimulated by a mass media that glorifies continuous spending and the accumulation of the latest in fashion, technology, and material wealth.   

As we begin the new year, we must make peace with the knowledge that we cannot have everything we want.  Why?   Because it is more important for us to get everything we "need."  Like infants, we feel the most contentment when our essential needs are met.  Each individual will have a different answer as to what is needed to truly make him happy.  The acknowledgement of this inner need is important in order to create the energy necessary to manifest it in our lives. 

Even in the purchase of a home, most buyers do not get everything they want, but must list the essential needs they cannot live without.  Many of the "wants" can come later.  Is it the right community, a good location, and sufficient floor plan?  Begin with all the things that cannot be changed, the things one cannot live without, and these will be the needs. 

This new year, let us concentrate more on our needs and the wants will gradually take care of themselves. 

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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on January 7th, 2014 9:18 AMPost a Comment

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