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September 17th, 2018 11:28 AM


Barbara’s Blog:

With home prices rising, not everyone can afford to pay cash for a new or existing home, so mortgage lenders are critical in successfully closing a transaction.  Whether a first-time homebuyer, or a seasoned homeowner, mortgage packages have drastically changed over the years with new laws, regulations and disclosures adding to the confusion of what information is required from a borrower.  Here is a list of questions to ask your lender so that you can be pro-active in creating a smooth transition into your new home. 

  1. What are the most popular mortgages offered and why?
  2. What fees are included in a loan and what fees will be due at closing?
  3. Are the rates, terms, fees and closing costs negotiable?
  4. Are discounts offered for inspections or setting up automatic payments?
  5. Is private mortgage insurance required? If so, how much and for how long?
  6. What are the escrow requirements?
  7. What would be included in the mortgage payment? (homeowners insurance, property taxes, etc.)
  8. Who will service this loan?
  9. How long will the rate be locked in?
  10. How long will the loan approval process take?
  11. How long will it take to close the loan?
  12. Are there any charges or penalties for prepaying the loan?

There will be many more questions you will have, but this list will give some good answers as to the process involved and will avoid some unpleasant surprises.

Written by Barbara Doeringer



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August 28th, 2018 9:49 AM

Barbara’s Blog:

The following was written by Lucille Rosetti, author of the upcoming book, “Life After Death:  A Wellness Guide for the Bereaved.”    I decided to include this article in my Blog because we live in a community where the loss of a spouse is common, and the loss of any family member can be a life-changing experience.  I hope these ideas will help guide those who need emotional healing and the courage to move on.

Lucille Rosetti writes:  “It’s pretty common, after the loss of a loved one, to feel like you don’t know what to do.  Your daily routine seems on one hand mundane, and on the other hand bizarre.  People, places and things you used to love now remind you of something painful.  It’s a truly trying time.  Many find that a move can give them the fresh start they need to begin to heal. 

Why Move?  Will a change of scenery make you happier?  Will it make you better able to cope with your loss?  Will it help you begin to move on?  There are no definite answers.  Some suggest that moving is not the answer for pain, loss and depression.  Others suggest that it’s precisely the remedy.  Will it work for you?  That’s part of the journey – self-discovery.

Start by Downsizing  Once you’ve decided to get a fresh start by moving, think about where you want to live, take time to research these areas, and consider what your new home will look like and what you will want to take with you.  You want to rid yourself of excess physical baggage, by unloading unnecessary possessions.  Take a self-inventory of what you really need or what you are holding onto for no reason. 

Loved One’s Possessions  You will have to make some tough choices about what physical memories of your lost love one you will take with you.  The best tip is to think about  memories/sentimentality vs. usefulness.  You may want some photographs, some jewelry, a favorite blanket or coffee mug.  Choose what will be enough to make you feel closer without taking too much, just because the items were important to them. 

Get Help With the Move  In an emotionally-fragile state, you may want to self-isolate and do everything yourself.  You may overestimate how strong you are and underestimate how much help you will actually need to execute the move.  Do not make the mistake of refusing help.  If you don’t want to burden friends and family, there are moving and packing services that are affordable and incredibly efficient. 

Moving away from the scene of your pain and loss is not a silver bullet cure.  It may not even be part of the cure, in the end.  But there are certainly benefits of a change of scenery, lifestyle, and routine in the face of loss.  It could just be one decision on a long path to recovery – but it may be an  important one.”


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August 21st, 2018 7:27 AM

Barbara’s Blog:

Sun Rail just opened their southern expansion to the Poinciana Train Station and recently offered free rides for a limited time.  Tickets are now available for purchase at any Ticket Vending Machine located on all SunRail station platforms, and both one way and round trip tickets vary from $1.00 to $10.00 depending on many different factors.  Discounts are offered to seniors and veterans, while children under 6 ride free.

There are a total of 15 stops, all the way to DeBary, but the most popular stop is to Winter Park.  There you exit the train station to an array of unique shops and boutiques, as well as casual and elegant restaurants.  There are many cuisine choices and outdoor seating, which adds to the beauty of the area.  While in Winter Park, you can also enjoy a scenic boat ride in an open pontoon boat, on the Winter Park Chain of Lakes.  This is a popular attraction, which leaves every hour for a tour of approximately 45 to 50 minutes. 

At the Sanford SunRail station, you can take a free trolley to downtown Sanford on Tuesdays thru Fridays.  There you will also find many shopping and dining options.

For a really enjoyable day trip at a minimal cost, try the SunRail train ride!  Plan for a one hour trip in each direction and have a fun time.

Written by Barbara Doeringer


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August 14th, 2018 9:40 AM

Barbara’s Blog:

Hello Pink is a family owned company founded by a stay-at-home mother of 3 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, specializing in women’s and girl’s clothing.  Started  in late 2014, they decided to open the doors to network marketing and add independent stylists to advertise and grow the company in November, 2017.

Their exciting fast paced release schedule keeps everything fresh and new on their website.  Each night at 8 PM EST, new items are loaded to the site in limited quantities to entice shoppers to come back often.  If you want a “sneak preview” of what is coming BEFORE the release, it is important to be working with a stylist!  She can alert you or send a photo of what will be released days in advance, so that you can be ready to order.

They carry American-made items as often as possible, as well as a vast collection of boutique styles at affordable prices.  Many fashions are exclusive to Hello Pink and won’t be found anywhere else. Most items run true to size unless it specifically states otherwise. There is value, affordability and exceptional customer service. 

I began this fashion adventure with my daughter, as “fashion is our passion” and we are truly enjoying helping others find their “style.”  Fashion is what you purchase, but style is what you do with it!

Please visit my Facebook page:  Barbie’s Boutique by Hello Pink, and “like,” “share,” or “comment.”  This is where I will post all the DAILY new releases that will  show on the website at 8 PM EST.  Then, shop at BarbieD.HelloPink.com.  I know you will find something you love!  Questions?  Call me at 407-491-3816 or email me from my Facebook page!

Written by Barbara Doeringer

PS.  YES, I am still doing real estate!


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August 7th, 2018 7:42 AM

Barbara’s Blog:

The latest news concerning future development at Posner Park was recently posted in a Facebook article.  Here is the article as it was written:

“Ft. Lauderdale based BTI Partners is putting its 100-acre Posner Park development site in Davenport on the market for sale.  Posner Park is a proposed 130-acre mixed-use development property located at the interchange of I-4 and US-27 in Polk County.  BTI has hired Cushman & Wakefield to market the 100-acre site.  In 2017, BTI sold 30 of the 130 acres to Intram Investments, Inc., an Orlando-based real estate development and restaurant investment company.  Intram plans to build approximately 200,000 sq. ft. of retail space at the property.  Future prospective tenants include Marshalls, Party City, Home Goods, ULTA, and Tuesday Morning. 

BTI also reports it has obtained a $12-million loan secured by the 100-acre property from Florida Community Bank.  A spokesman for BTI tells Globest.com that while the 100-acre parcel is on the market for sale, BTI still could possibly be involved in the development of the property.  BTI is considering all options, including selling the entire site, selling portions of the site to different buyers or possibly partnering with some of them to co-develop. 

BTI acquired the mixed-use development site in 2015 and expects the entire mixed-use project to be completed in two to three years.  “

Perhaps this is why the right side wall of Posner Park was removed recently?  My guess is that there are already plans to begin some development in addition to the retail property proposed by Intram Investments.  We continue to HOPE!!

As a side note, retail development is underway near the Providence Golf Course community on Hwy. 17-92 in Davenport.  There are plans for a Publix grocery store and other retail shops/restaurants in this area, which is much needed for all the residential communities that have expanded there. 

Progress continues as our “unincorporated” Davenport area continues with its growth spurt!

Written by Barbara Doeringer

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July 31st, 2018 2:20 PM

Barbara’s Blog:

With the economy strong and interest rates still low, many are investing in real estate in other countries.  There are four countries that offer the best opportunities this year, according to “Live and Invest Overseas.” This investment and retirement resource ranked these top places for owning or living overseas:

PANAMA:  Panama City is a buyer’s market.  Yields in the rental market continue to be strong, primarily because rents have softened.  Panama’s new relationship with China will fuel this economy through its next stage of growth.

BRAZIL:  Brazil’s Fortaleza area is a coastal region and a top destination among Brazilian tourists.  Beachfronts along this coast have vacant lot prices that are a global bargain.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC:  In the Dominican Republic, it is all about the capital, Santo Domingo.  One of the best opportunities is to invest in apartment preconstruction intended for the business traveler market, as the country is going through an economic boom, and lots of business travelers pass through, needing more than a hotel for long term accommodations.

THAILAND:  In addition to its agriculture, this country also has a strong economy and expanding tourism industry.  Foreigners are only allowed to lease land and the single-family homes built on it.  But they are permitted to buy condos outright, which are cheaper and easier to manage as a rental property. 

Just as we have many foreign buyers here in the USA, there are American buyers who also like the idea of investing outside of the country.  It is wise to use the expertise of an international real estate expert before making any final decisions on a purchase.  Rules and regulations differ greatly in various countries and expert advice and guidance is necessary to assure a positive and seamless transaction. 

Written by Barbara Doeringer

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July 24th, 2018 7:29 AM

Barbara’s Blog:

There is a lot of construction, growth and commercial expansion going on in the Four Corners region of Lake, Orange, Osceola and Polk Counties.  New residential home and apartment communities are spouting up everywhere and even existing communities, such as Del Webb Orlando, are expanding into new subdivisions. 

In Lake County, near Cagan Crossings, the brand new South Lake Emergency Room at Four Corners is now open and operating.  It is affiliated with Orlando Health and is officially called South Lake ORMC.  Nearby, into Orange County on Hwy. 192, the enormous project of Margaritaville continues to grow, now adding an array of shops adjacent  to it, due to be open when this massive community nears completion.  A new Krispy Kreme shop nearby is scheduled to open by the end of July. 

Haines City in Polk County will unveil a new Culver’s Restaurant near Lowe’s on Hwy. 27, with a grand opening very soon.  They specialize in butterburgers, fresh frozen custard, Wisconsin cheese curds, sandwiches, sides, salads, shakes and much more.  Still not a full size sit-down restaurant that people want, but we will take it!

Land is being cleared beside the Taco Bell on Hwy. 27, but no word yet on what is going in.  Also, at Posner Park, the right entrance wall has been removed, no longer advertising that side of land as “part” of Posner Park.  Does this mean that we will actually see those proposed shops by Intram Investments from two years ago become reality?  (Marshalls, Home Goods, ULTA, Tuesday Morning, Party City, etc.)  Only time will tell. . . . . .

The Four Corners area is rapidly changing in demographics, so we continue to hope for the amenities that should follow!

Written by Barbara  Doeringer




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July 16th, 2018 7:24 AM

Barbara’s Blog:

This is the time of year when sales slow down considerably in real estate.  Snow birds are back up north, families are concentrating on vacations, and the heat of the summer slows down everything.

But for many potential buyers, home prices have just become too expensive.  New construction builds are becoming very enticing due to lower prices and more incentives, with offers of numerous upgrades and home warranties.  This is hurting the resale market, where the ages of homes are now becoming 5 to 20 years, some with little renovations or upgrades to keep up with current trends.  Even though home values have increased greatly since the downturn in 2008, those new market values are forcing many would-be buyers out of affordable housing. 

Homes that were once valued in the mid $100’s, have now peaked at over $200,000 leaving a much smaller market segment who is financially able to purchase them.  Homes listed in the mid to high $200’s are now sitting on the market for a much longer time than homes listed under that price range.  Those listings under $200,000 are being snatched up in just days or weeks, as there are fewer from which to choose.  Buyers seem to be waiting until their earnings or financial situation is better or home prices are better aligned. 

The only way to currently compete with all the new construction is to make sure that a resale home is updated as much as possible before putting it on the market.  To expect top dollar, a home must make a memorable first impression by being immaculate, updated, and staged to perfection.  A realtor can assist with this, giving direction and advice towards even minor improvements. 

Buyers are still out there, but they are looking for affordability or bargains.  Make sure your home is competitive from the start!

Written by Barbara Doeringer


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July 10th, 2018 10:48 AM


Barbara’s Blog:

With gas, food and utility costs rising, we all look for ways to save money, especially those who are on a fixed income.  The recent AARP magazine had an article on great ways to save, many more than I can list here.  But I chose some of the ones that interested me, and I hope they will help others as well.

  • Don’t pay fees for movie tickets. Some online sellers (or theaters) charge a “convenience” fee per ticket for pre-buying movie tickets. Instead, buy at the box office, or join the “Movie Pass” club where you pay a small monthly fee, but can view numerous movies per month at various theaters.
  • Get free E-books. You can download nearly 60,000 public domain e-books at Gutenberg.org and save $3 to $10 per e-book.
  • Dine out for less. Restaurants.com offers discounted gift certificates to eateries all over the country. You could pay only $10 for a $25 gift certificate.
  • Give your time as a gift. Write out redeemable coupons for babysitting, free drives for someone in need, or home-cooked meals instead of purchasing a gift card.
  • Use cruise control. It can reduce your fuel use by 7% on the highway.
  • Check for promo codes. Online retailers offer discount codes. Check RetailMeNot.com for codes before finalizing a purchase.
  • Use Gas Buddy. The Gas Guru and GasBuddy apps show you prices at all area gas stations, so you can find the cheapest gas in your location.
  • Get a tankless water heater. These units produce hot water on demand. They are up to 30% more efficient than tanks that waste energy keeping water hot all the time.
  • Raise your deductible. Boosting the deductible on a homeowners policy from $500 to $1,000 could save you 25% on your annual insurance premium.
  • Seal your home. Inspect for leaks at windows & doors with a lighted incense stick. Sealing them could cut a $1,000 heating and cooling bill by $200!

These are just some of the many ways to save money, so if on a strict budget, be creative in changing your spending habits.  Every little bit will help.

Written by Barbara Doeringer

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July 3rd, 2018 10:40 AM


Barbara’s Blog:

Monthly rental payments have been steadily increasing over the past couple years, so in some cases it makes more sense to make a mortgage payment over paying rent.  There are so many various mortgage options available now, especially for first-time homebuyers, and owning a home doesn’t just help you build wealth, but it impacts your life for the future as well.

According to an article in the National Association of Realtor’s Magazine, there are specific benefits that homeowners may enjoy over renters:

  • Homeowners are healthier and live longer.
  • Owning a home reduces the likelihood of divorce.
  • Homeowners are less likely to suffer from depression.
  • City homeowners are less likely to be victims of crime.
  • Children of homeowners often achieve a higher level of education.
  • Children of homeowners are likely to earn more income over their lifetimes.
  • Children of homeowners have significantly lower teen dropout and pregnancy rates.
  • Homeowners are more likely to be involved in neighborhood groups.
  • Homeowners have a better understanding of politics and are more likely to vote.
  • Homeowners take greater pride in maintaining their property.

Not everyone has the means to purchase a home, but to have that as a short or long-term goal, the benefits certainly outweigh renting.  Look for ways to make it happen.  We can help you!

Written by Barbara Doeringer


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