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Manufactured or Prefab
November 15th, 2016 12:56 PM

Barbara’s Blog:

From a recent article in Realtor Magazine:

 The term “prefab” (from “prefabricated”) refers to a home partially or fully produced in a factory, later delivered for assembly onsite.  Factories may create components from roofs to entire rooms.  Prefab homes are categorized several ways:

Panelized:  Prefabricated sections like walls, floors, and roofs are created in a factory and delivered to the job site.

Modular:  Some 70% or more of the home may be completed in the factory, with full rooms or modules built and then delivered to the site, where they are connected to create the home.

Manufactured:  Referred to as mobile homes, these are built on non-removable steel frames and transported to the site.  They must meet special building codes from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and are subject to different financing requirements than modular, panelized, and conventional housing. 

Prefab can also refer to more specialized designs, including modular log cabins, tiny-home kits, or even houses made from shipping containers.

Panelized and modular homes must meet the same local building codes as conventional new-construction homes.  Manufactured (mobile) homes are considered a vehicle, as they have a title for ownership. They must be transferred as personal property and must be converted to real property (where the underlying land is owned by the homeowner) in order to be listed in the Multiple Listing Service. 

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