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May 30th, 2017 8:04 AM


Barbara’s Blog:

Most of the High Vista residents are well aware of some amazing talent in our community after enjoying some of it at the Talent Show in February.   But there is a wider variety of talent here than realized and one most recently discovered was when we sold a home to a wonderful couple from Illinois this month. 

Frank McRae has already published two incredible murder mysteries and is currently working on his third, which will make a “trilogy” of books connected to each other.  His careers began in engineering, business ownership and construction expertise, but he marveled for years at the talents of many of his favorite writers, and then found himself inspired to transform his imagination into words. 

His first novel, “Premonitions” is about a group of top local plastic surgeons in the Chicago suburbs, whose lives are suddenly ripped apart by a series of unexplainable murders.  The wives belonging to this group of surgeons are being systematically found in their locked homes murdered, with alarms set and no apparent clues for motives.  Believe me when I say this novel has mind boggling plot twists that will wow every reader!  I simply could not put it down and the ending will shock you.

Next, is the second novel, “Vengeance” which I am told is even better than the first!  I will be starting that book this week.  So as not to ruin or give any hints about the first book, I will only say that this one entails the same Inspector who now tries to find a different serial killer who has taken on the persona of a black widow spider, leaving no witnesses behind.  “She” seeks justice and plans revenge for those she has admired by developing three versions of a deadly drug. 

Frank McRae has certainly engaged close attention to details and has a knack for developing unexpected plot twists to keep readers glued to every page.  I am personally thrilled to have met this author (and his lovely wife) and honored to have two autographed copies of these books. 

You will find both books on Amazon, if not in the local book stores, and they are both rated high.  Personally, I give the first one FIVE STARS!  And all I can say is, “Frank, hurry up and get that third one written!  You certainly have talent!!”

Written by Barbara Doeringer

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Posted by Allen Doeringer on May 30th, 2017 8:04 AMPost a Comment

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