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Love Bugs
September 18th, 2013 10:47 AM

With the beauty of the fall season in September, we also have the arrival of the dreaded "love bugs" that are well known here in Florida.  They seem to arrive like "magic" every year in May and September and create headaches for both drivers and homeowners alike. 

A love bug is a small fly or gnat that also goes by the nickames of "honeymoon bug," kissing bug," or double-headed bug."  They are mostly black and seem to be attached in pairs, thereby being officially named "love bugs." 

When driving through a swarm of these little bugs, a car can become thickly coated with them and if not washed off in a timely manner, there can be damage to the paint of the car.   It seems these bugs are mainly attracted to light colored homes or buildings, such as white, yellow or other pale colors and can densely swarm around the doors and windows, working their way into the inside by the dozens.  It creates a daily battle of cleanup until their season ends.

It is difficult to completely get "rid" of the love bugs while in season, but there are a few things that can help control them.  One way is to put dish liquid in a bucket of water and then pour the water out where the bugs are.  Another way is to spray insect repellent around the doors and windows of your home.  Some have used dryer sheets on their shrubbery or flowers, or spraying room deodorizers around the doors and windows.  Others have used citronella candles.

On a positive note, the love bugs are literally short-lived.  Lasting only 3 to 4 weeks, they will be gone as suddenly as they arrived,  until the next spring or fall season.   They seem to know when it is May or September!

Floridians have learned to accept and adjust to these pesty little bugs, even if they are dreaded.   Because just like the geckos and alligators, it is a small price to pay for living in paradise!

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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on September 18th, 2013 10:47 AMPost a Comment

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