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Local Medical Facilities
August 26th, 2014 11:48 AM

When choosing a home, nearby amenities and conveniences are quite important to a buyer, but to many, especially in the senior communities,  the local medical facilities are also.

 We personally experienced this importance when my husband suffered a minor stroke at home.  Having a hospital just one mile from our community was critical to the timing of the arrival of paramedics and the trip to the Emergency Room.  It gave us peace of mind that we lost no time in getting professional help and thankfully, all turned out well and he is back to normal, with no adverse results.

Located in Davenport are many professional medical facilities within just minutes of the surrounding communities.  In addition to the Heart of Florida Hospital, there are Cancer Specialists, Cardiologists, Neurologists, Gynecologists, Podiatrists, Knee & Hip Specialists, MRI and Radiology Units, and many other represented specialized fields,  as well as Professional Eye Doctors and Dentists.  This area on Hwy. 27 South is rapidly growing with the construction of new medical facilities and the influx of new doctors. 

No matter what the age, it is important to know where the nearest medical facilities are and to become established with local physicians and specialists.  Davenport has much to offer in the medical field,  so choose a home in this area based on these considerations.    One never knows when it will be needed!

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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on August 26th, 2014 11:48 AMPost a Comment

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