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Living Large in Small
November 2nd, 2010 12:42 PM

Many are beginning to downsize to a smaller home either out of economic necessity, an empty nest, or retirement.  In fact the idea of "living small" is becoming quite popular and is considered the "new big."  The greatest challenge, though,  is for storage and saving space and the key to making it work is simply organization.

Creative use of furniture is essential in small spaces or even in larger spaces that might need to be multifunctional.  For example, for a guest bedroom that doubles as an office, a sleeper sofa or a daybed (if against a wall)  are multitask pieces of furniture that free up much of the space needed for daily office usage. 

Lots of furniture pieces today are known for their great multipurpose and space-saving qualities:  nesting tables, storage ottomans and benches, coffee and end tables with storage baskets, ladder shelves, and other compartment pieces double for storage of toys, linens, bedding, or just about anything.

By pushing a dining table against a wall or window, at least three feet can be saved.   It can be pulled out when needed for entertaining and can be spruced up with a nice table skirt, again with some storage underneath. Be sure to stay away from large, overstuffed furniture and don't clutter a room with too many small pieces.

Mirrors can be easily installed on the inset of closet doors to avoid taking up space on a wall or in a room with a floor length mirror. 

Any room can be cozy without being cluttered and the goal is to have it visually charming and comfortable.  Use some cherished family photos, a stack of well-loved books, or a stunning arrangement of fresh flowers to make it look elegant, beautiful and inviting.  And with just the right color, a room can look much larger and be full of life.

Going smaller seems to be the new trend in order to save on utilities and many other expenses.  Find ways to "live large" in your smaller home and embrace it as a joy to live in!




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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on November 2nd, 2010 12:42 PMPost a Comment

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