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Living Large
March 21st, 2017 6:45 AM

Barbara’s Blog:

The phrase “living large” is not restricted to being rich or spending tons of money.  It’s about wringing every drop of joy possible out of every day and enjoying life . . . . . moment by moment.  It means different things to different people, but the one thing all living-large enthusiasts have in common is that they don’t worry about financial issues.

When seniors find themselves with fewer responsibilities and more personal freedom, they are often at a crossroads, where the decisions they make can mean the difference between joy and stress.  The two leading causes of stress for seniors are financial strain and loneliness.  But here are some tips to follow a budget while still discovering fun, affordable ways to “live large!”

Curb costs:

  • Two cars may no longer be a requirement and an older car may be costing more in repairs and maintenance than a new one. Also, consider public transit or senior-specific transportation options.
  • Cut the cable. With the improvement of online streaming options, many people have decided they prefer selecting what they want to view over enduring whatever is on cable. There are low cost and even free streaming services and devices that can attach to the TV
  • Get rid of storage fees. Downsize and get rid of what is not needed by giving to children or donating to charities.
  • Prescription savings come with comparison shopping. Drug prices can vary dramatically and even online pharmacies can sometimes offer better discounts.
  • Savvy shopping for big-ticket items can save hundreds of dollars. Know the best time of year to shop for cars, large appliances, computers, televisions and mattresses.
  • Amazon can offer several areas to price shop and set up price drop alerts, but use time and energy to buy only what you need at the best possible prices!

Enjoy a social life:

  • Cook meals as a social event. Invite friends or take a cooking class and meet new people while learning some new recipes.
  • Keep learning, keep moving. Local colleges and universities often provide low-cost or free classes to seniors. Classes are also an opportunity to be social and meet interesting people.
  • Travel is one of the best ways to have new experiences and keep active. It helps avoid the stress of loneliness and it doesn’t have to be expensive. There is group travel, discounts to seniors, off-season prices and even house swapping to consider.
  • Close to home, see new sights and enjoy new experiences. Find out when local entertainment venues offer discounts or “free days” for seniors, including the zoo, art galleries and museums, theatre productions and matinee shows.
  • Enjoy time to be alone, which can do as much for an outlook as travel and socializing. Consider meditation, journaling, reading, yoga, or just watching a movie alone.


Regardless of a budget, there are many ways to collect experiences, make memories and LIVE LARGE!

Written by Barbara Doeringer


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