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August 31st, 2010 2:00 PM

Working from home is becoming an attractive economic alternative as more people try to bring harmony into their daily routine or find that working from home can be more productive with fewer interruptions and a serene environment.  But as I get comments from customers  such as  "Gee you sure do begin work early" or "Wow, you are up late!"  it is a reminder that even working from home needs discipline and balance.

Yes, it can be fabulous to be able to work in PJ's, shorts or even a swim suit, handy to throw a load of laundry into the washing machine while sending a fax or scanning documents, convenient to start spaghetti sauce simmering in the early afternoon while conducting telephone conversations.  But if not careful, it is very easy to forget the distinction between the two - home and work - until you have only "homework" which can be horrendous!

Like any life choice, you really have to be suited to working from home.  I have known many who fantasized about working from home for years, but then after just a few months, they went back to an office because they were missing the social interaction and could not stand the isolation.

You also have to extremely disciplined and focused to work from home, because you must work.   But your work week is no longer structured around five days and eight to ten hours; the office is always open!  Since there is no morning commute, you start working an hour or two earlier and often continue hours later, after you would have left an office.  It's so easy to go to the computer before bed and finish up another e-mail or project; weekends are too perfect for catching up; so before long, you find that you no longer have a life "at home" unless you learn to set limits. 

Working from home can be a genuine sense of freedom, but only if we honor the sense of balance needed to be successful at it.  Don't lose the senses:  be sure your "sight" takes time to look at pictures and the beauty surrounding you; Don't lose your "sound" and listen to the birds, music or family pets around you; Take time for "speech" by having good conversations with family and friends.  Don't lose humanity to a working "sinkhole" but find a way to balance "home" and "work."  It can be very rewarding.

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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on August 31st, 2010 2:00 PMPost a Comment

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