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April 17th, 2018 9:11 AM

Barbara’s Blog:

One of the many good reasons to live in Florida is our easy access to various ports of call, where one can choose a cruise line, itinerary, and then drive to the port of choice:  Tampa, Port Canaveral, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and others which offer a wide range of ships and fares to accommodate anyone wanting to set sail.

Until recently, there was no travel from the U.S. to Cuba, especially on cruise ships.  But once restrictions were relaxed and permission was given by our government, all the local cruise lines began marketing their own cruise itineraries and excursions to this unique island.

When considering such an adventure, there are several things that need to be ready before embarking on a cruise. 

  • Passports are required for all guests and must be valid for six months AFTER your trip.
  • In accordance with U.S. law, all guests traveling to Cuba will be required to complete a travel certification or Travel Affidavit identifying the category of travel under which they are visiting. These forms are provided by the cruise lines with detailed instructions as to how to complete.
  • A Cuba Tourist Visa is required by all and is facilitated by each cruise line for an additional fee, approximately $75 per person.
  • Various shore excursions can be booked through the cruise line and these are highly recommended as they are designed to meet the requirements of permitted travel authorized by the U.S. government.

For those who have already traveled to Cuba on a cruise ship, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, with excitement at seeing the distinct culture of Havana, the classic cars and the warm welcome from the people there. 

Our personal adventure to Havana begins next week, having been on Allen’s bucket list for years.  We look forward to the opportunity of seeing an island that has been forbidden for decades and enjoying all that it has to offer.

Written by Barbara Doeringer
No Blog next week, as we will be in Havana!



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