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April 3rd, 2018 1:34 PM


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Home renovation projects are done for various reasons, whether to update styles, repair damaged or broken items, or to achieve more living space.   More than ever before, homeowners are choosing improvement projects geared toward making their homes healthier.

We all know that poor ventilation, radon, urban pollution and moisture issues or mold, can contribute to many preventable diseases.  But there are also simple renovations and lifestyle changes that can make a home healthier.

Be aware of furniture materials.   Toxic PBDEs, which are chemicals used as flame retardants on furniture fabrics produced prior to 2006, can send toxins into the air.  Some manufacturers may still use these flame retardants in new forms, but with similar risks.  Before purchasing furniture, ask if a product is treated.

Lighten up.  Lighting is often underappreciated but can have a dramatic impact on whether a home feels inviting, warm and/or uplifting.  Experiment with different types of bulbs and lighting fixtures to turn drab and dreary environments into brighter places. Lighting may improve mood and productivity.

Let the sun in! (especially in Florida)  Modify window treatments to let more sunlight into the house.  There is evidence that the sun, particularly UV light, is a potent bactericide.  The Sunlight Institute advises that there is no harm in letting natural sunlight do its work, as bacteria within eight feet of low-intensity UV light can be killed in just 10 minutes.

Turn to nontoxic cleaning products, pesticides and insecticides.  Always opt for nontoxic, natural products when cleaning in and around the house.

Inspect and service wood-burning appliances.  A study has found that regular inhalation of wood smoke limits immune activity and function, and anyone who burns wood indoors should be aware of these potential health risks. 

Declutter the home.  A cluttered, hectic space can affect emotions and mental state, as well as attracting dust and making a home more difficult to clean.  Spending time in spaces that do not elicit stressful feelings is healthier and can help homeowners to rest and recharge.

This article was taken in part from the Four Corners News Leader newspaper and I felt it was interesting enough to pass on.

Barbara Doeringer

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