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Frigid Florida
December 15th, 2010 10:48 AM

Everyone is sure feeling the latest surge of Arctic cold air with snow, ice and blowing winds to most of the northeast.   But even Florida has broken records this week, as low temperatures combined with furious winds made for the lowest degrees on record, some down into the teens!  Here in Central Florida, where winds come from both the ocean and the gulf, it can make for a really miserable, damp, bitter biting cold!

Not only are plants, trees, and crops covered or bundled up, but every person visiting on holiday is scrambling to purchase gloves, hats and scarves to keep warm.  Disney World theme parks were selling more winter apparel this week than anything else.  And most tourists were opting to dine in or shop in gift stores or malls than visit the parks.  The sunshine state is still "sunny" but will take a few more days to warm up.

The good news is it will warm up . . . . . and soon.  The cold here rarely lasts long and there is no snow or ice to contend with.  The beautiful palm trees and most protected plants and flowers will survive.  And now we can truly get into the holiday spirit as we sip that hot cocoa to stay warm.

We are hoping that this winter will not be a repeat of the last, where the bitter cold hang on much longer and more often than normal.  But for now, we are looking forward to a return of the 70's this week and the warmth that not only guests to the state enjoy,  but the residents as well.

Stay warm and stay well!




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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on December 15th, 2010 10:48 AMPost a Comment

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