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Feng Shui Can Help Sell
February 29th, 2012 12:13 PM

There are many buyers who follow the principles of feng shui and look for those particulars when considering the purchase of a home. Chi is the "life force" of all things and can have sincere meaning to these buyers.   Here are 5 tips from a recent realtor article that may be helpful to sellers:

1. "Pay special attention to the front door, one of the most powerful aspects of the entire property.  Abundance, blessings, opportunities, and good fortune enter through the front door.  It should be attractive, clean, with adequate lighting, and uncluttered.  It must create an inviting atmosphere."

2. "Chi energy can be flushed away wherever there are drains in the home.  To keep the good forces of a home in, always keep the toilet seats down and close the doors to bathrooms."

3.  "The master bed should be in a place of honor, power, and protection, which is farthest from and facing toward the entryway of the room. Paint the room in colors that promote serenity, relaxation and romance, such as soft tones of green, blue, and lavender."

4.  "The dining room symbolizes the energy and power of family togetherness.  Make sure the table is clear and uncluttered during showings.  Use an attractive tablecloth to enhance the look of the table while also softening sharp corners."

5. "The windows are considered to be the "eyes of the home."  Getting the windows professionally cleaned will make the home sparkle and ensure that the view will be optimally displayed." 

Whether Feng Shui or not, it is always wise to keep the home uncluttered, with an attractive, inviting entrance, and immaculate in every respect.  Buyers will be sure to notice the extra care and love given to any home.

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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on February 29th, 2012 12:13 PMPost a Comment

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