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Dreaming of the Dream Home
April 20th, 2010 11:11 AM

It takes literally years to birth a dream, whether it's a family, a career, a home or a lifestyle.  Dreams also cost money, sweat, frustration, tears, courage, choices, perserverance, and extraordinary patience.  But birthing a dream requires one more thing:  love.  Only love can transform a mere dwelling into a real home that perfectly expresses your authenticity.

We tend to think that a home which embraces, nurtures, sustains and inspires will only happen when we have the money to move someplace else.  But we should dwell in "possibility."  It doesn't matter whether a person lives in a mobile home, an apartment, a motel or a house.  The current place may not be the "dream home" but it does shelter your dreams.  Those dreams can transform it into the home for which you long.

Love knows how to paint, refinish, plaster, wallpaper, stencil, plant, sew, and even build on a budget.  Love knows that whatever you lack in a checking account can be made up by investing time, creative energy, and emotion.  But before you pick up a hammer, paintbrush, or the real estate ads, you need to daydream.

Walk through the different rooms where you eat, sleep and live.  Be thankful for the walls and roof that you have and realize that your home can be made better by your creative dreams, until such time as the market is right to sell.   Not only will you enjoy your current home much more, but it will then have the improvements that will add charm and value for a future buyer.  Dream on!!

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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on April 20th, 2010 11:11 AMPost a Comment

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