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Creature Comforts
August 7th, 2012 10:13 AM

It has been said that our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.   I find this to be especially true after a very stressful day or week, when cuddling up to our two sweet Yorkie-poos, who demand so little but give back so much. 

Physicians and psychologists say that loving, caring for, and spending time with animals enhances our well-being and prolongs our life span. Anyone who has ever been adored by a dog or adopted by a cat probably can't convey in words the emotional bond that grows between them.  It isn't enough to just feed, walk and then ignore them.  Pets need to be stroked, cuddled, caressed, indulged, pampered, and played with.  In return they give back the kind of devotion that most of us can only dream about receiving from human beings.  In addition, you can tell them secrets that will never be betrayed; and laughing at their playful antics is a real stressbuster for sure. 

If you don't have animals living with you, it is still easy to make a connection with one.  Visit the zoo at different seasons; offer to pet-sit or walk a pet for a friend or neighbor; feed the squirrels and birds in the back yard; or go to the beach and feed the seagulls.  We are surrounded by nature and beautiful creatures, especially here in Florida.

Be grateful for the gift of sharing our earthly days with creatures who comfort.  Animals are our spiritual companions, an abundant source of love.  Truly then, none of us need ever feel alone. 


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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on August 7th, 2012 10:13 AMPost a Comment

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