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Create Boundaries
September 26th, 2012 6:45 AM

Limits are the barbed wire of real life.  Boundaries are split-rail fences.   When you push past limits, personal or professional, there's a good chance of being pricked as you hurtle up and over.  But there is always enough room to maneuver between the rails if you are willing to bend.

Creating boundaries can be difficult, especially when working with others in a professional capacity.  But they are necessary to protect, nurture and sustain our sanity.  Many people will push to the limit, asking for special favors, extra attention, expecting you to "go that extra mile" to extremes.  To create boundaries, it is necessary sometimes to say "this far and no further."  This means speaking up and dealing with tense moments that could possibly escalate into confrontations or misunderstandings.  But if handled with tact and consideration, speaking "no" can be a beautiful word and a good place to start. 

Whenever we deny our need to say "no," our self-respect diminishes.  It is not only our right at certain times; it is our true responsibility.  It is a gift to ourselves when we say "no" to what robs us of inner joy.  It is a gift to others to say "no" when their expectations do not ring true for us.   It is a hard thing to learn and to practice, but saying "no" can be liberating when it expresses our commitment to take a stand for what we believe we truly need.   Whether it is our children, our grandchildren, or the people we work with, saying "no" and creating boundaries is good for all involved, when it is done in a positive way.   I have personally found this to be true!

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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on September 26th, 2012 6:45 AMPost a Comment

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