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September 19th, 2012 1:46 PM

Complaints we know.   Complaints we're good at.  Most of us have already mastered the art of the complaint in all its many variations:  gripe, groan, moan, whine . . . . . .  There is hardly a day that we don't do this at least a little.    One of the reasons we love our close friends so much is that they allow us to complain knowing that we'll return the favor. 

The real estate business is no different.   Every day there are complaints about the current real estate market:   sellers complain that prices are too low, sales are slow, appraisals are unfair, buyers expect too much; and buyers complain that sellers are unreasonable, should be willing to take less and give more, be more flexible . . . . . .  But there are positive outlets to channel hostility and be "creative" about complaining.  We can moan on our Facebook pages, shout in the shower, blow off steam while walking, or even scream in our car, but our words are very powerful and they can rapidly change the quality of our days and nights.   Moaning or complaining, rarely makes anyone feel better, but instead much worse.  Learning to "shrug" is the beginning of wisdom.

With wisdom comes the ability to control tempers, be creative in the choice of words, and the beginning of "acceptance" of those things that cannot be changed.  Patience and cooperation are much needed on a daily basis. We should not suppress our negative feelings, but find more creative ways to deal with them.  Find something positive in the situation, come up with alternative solutions to the problems, find ways to compromise, or find ways to accept the situation. 

 No one wants to listen to constant complaints and they are a drain of energy.  Each new day is full of opportunities and new experiences, including frustrations and problems.    Our attitude towards them will determine whether our days are good ones or bad ones.

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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on September 19th, 2012 1:46 PMPost a Comment

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