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Closet Clutter
January 26th, 2011 10:57 AM

There is never an over abundance of storage or closet space in most Florida homes, primarily due to no basements and no attics.  So the closets that are available in the homes tend to become cluttered quite easily.  Since this is a good time of year to tackle such projects, there are some fabulous ideas to help organize any storage areas and use the most of every inch of space.

A kitchen pantry sometimes has unused space either in the top or bottom of the closet.   Most times shelves can be added,  stacking cubes can be used underneath the last shelf or on top, and even two tier wooden shoe organizers are ideal for smaller canned goods or soda.

A double door closet usually has wasted space above and below and can fit at least one row of additional shelves on the top and storage cubes below.  The top shelf can store the items used the least or extra linens used only for guests.  There are also hanging storage organizers that can be used at either end of a closet and they come in all lengths and widths.

The biggest challenge is the master bedroom closet.  There is usually a lot of wasted space there and it only takes a bit of imagination and creativity to transform it into a professional looking custom closet without the cost.   I found that Closet Maid has many wooden storage units, such as 2-door stand alone wall units to 6, 8, and 9 cube units that can be turned sideways on top of existing closet shelves to create spaces for shoes, handbags, swim suits, belts, and other accessories.  There are even colored baskets that fit into the cubes to create pull out "drawers" that can hide the items. 

And don't forget "under the beds" as an ideal storage space.   There are many sizes of plastic containers that will fit nicely under a bed for those seasonal clothes or less used items, and now even wooden units with pull out drawers can be used and actually look like a dresser under the bed.

Getting rid of clutter and getting organized is the key to a home showing well if the plan is to sell.   And if not, it will certainly reduce stress and be more comforting to know that all is in its place and there is much less closet chaos!

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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on January 26th, 2011 10:57 AMPost a Comment

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