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"Cheaply" Chic
August 24th, 2010 1:35 PM

It has been said that style has to do with money.  But anybody can do it with money.  The true art of classic style is to do it "cheaply."  This holds true weather talking about fashion or decorating a home. 

Most women will agree that shopping is like an "adventure" to seek and see what you can find for a bargain.  The thrill is in the "find."  And if you save while seeking to find what you really love, you will eventually find it and also have the money to pay for it!  We all love the home design magazines and think if we only had the money, our own home could look like that. 

But when decorating, the real reason the room doesn't look like the pictures in a magazine has less to do with the choice of fabric, color or style, than with scale and proportion.  The secret to a great-looking room comes down to balance:  the visual weight of scale and proportion.  If you have one big, heavy piece at one end of the room, you need to balance it with another bulky or heavy piece at the other end as well. 

Don't  be guided by what others love or the current fad or design in some of the magazines.   You will tire of it faster and then want to re-decorate all over again.  Be true to your own tastes, but be willing to try something different.  If changing a fabric, get a sample piece to drape over the curtains or furniture to try for a week to make sure you like it.   Making your own valances or swags for windows can save bundles and you can co-ordinate the fabric over tables, throw pillows and other accessories.    If changing the furniture, buy a small piece to try first and see if the style or color works before making a larger purchase.  Consignment and thrift shops are excellent places to find "second hand" furniture in great condition for half the price of new.  Most pieces have been refinished, painted or repaired to "almost new" condition and can save hundreds of dollars. 

When trying to pull a room together, don't be in a hurry and always leave room for inspiration.  The best rooms seem to evolve gradually.  You never know what you will "find" on the next shopping expedition.  Authentic style doesn't take a lot of money if you trust your instincts, have patience and enjoy the "adventure."  There is great pride in a home decorated with a little  individuality and a lot of love!


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