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Amtrak Adventure
April 19th, 2016 9:20 AM

Barbara’s Blog:

Many of us have that “bucket list” of things we would love to try in our lifetime, while our health and finances are still in a positive mode.  One of mine was taking an overnight train trip to experience a sleeper car and the unique aspects that go with it.  We decided to take the train to Raleigh, NC to visit friends.

We boarded the Amtrak Silver Star in Kissimmee, which is a very nice train station in a convenient location at the heart of downtown.  We had opted for the smallest choice in overnight accommodations, called the “roomette.”  This consisted of two bench seats facing each other, a large picture window, and a toilet and sink.  These bench seats make into bunk beds, but they are very narrow and the steps to the second berth include the toilet and sink!  There is very little room to move and although it does accommodate 2 adults, we felt it was much better for just one person.  There was turn down service and morning beverages available as well as your privacy.  But this room we aptly named “the Clos-ette.”

We then decided we would try a larger sleeping compartment on the return trip home.  The Raleigh train station was very nice with a private lounge and refreshments for upgraded room passengers.  Both stations were very organized and guided all passengers to the proper boarding areas, and gave any assistance needed.  We attempted to reserve the next step up in rooms, called “the bedroom.”  But since this was late notice, all were sold out.  So we agreed to upgrade to a viewliner accessible bedroom, the only room still available.  Here we had much larger bunk beds, a full size bathroom with toilet, sink and open shower, picture windows both for lower and upper berths, turndown service, morning beverages and much more mobility. 

There are a few other choices for overnight travel on Amtrak, but be assured the sleep will be sporadic to say the least.  Unless you are a heavy sleeper, you will hear the constant train whistles, and feel the incessant movement of the train cars on the tracks.  But this is what the adventure is all about!  The dining car offers a variety of snacks and light meals, and many alcoholic and soft drinks. You have access to free Wi-Fi and cellular signals are strong.  All of the Amtrak staff is extremely polite, friendly and helpful.  It was truly a “fun” adventure as I can catch up on sleep later.  Choose a location and give it a try.  It is an experience to remember!
written by Barbara Doeringer

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Posted by Allen Doeringer on April 19th, 2016 9:20 AMPost a Comment

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