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Airboat Adventure
June 23rd, 2015 10:28 AM

Barbara's Blog:

During the hot summer months in Central Florida, a sure "cool" adventure is an airboat tour.  There are several companies that offer them in the Davenport surrounding area, and we have taken some during recent years.  However, we decided to take a new one with our friend from Pennsylvania so that we could hopefully enjoy different nature in their natural habitat.  We were not disappointed.

Capt. Freds Airboat Adventures is located on Crump Road in Lake Hamilton going south on Hwy. 27 towards Winter Haven.  What makes them a bit "unique" is that they have two pet baby alligators that guests view, along with a half hour of full education about alligators in general and what makes them so special in Florida.  Prior to boarding the airboat, all guests have the opportunity to "hold" both the tiniest one called "Crockie" and the bigger one, "Trixie."  Both are used to being handled and are quite calm, so even I held each of them and it was quite an experience! 

The airboat ride was beautiful, gliding across several areas of Lake Hamilton.  We saw several species of birds unique to their natural habitat, many different wild flowers, and even a wild hog who was trying to cool off in the lake.  Due to the current extreme heat, wild alligators were deep in the waters so none were seen, but in the cooler months, you will see many of them floating in the lake, or sunning themselves in the swamps. 

This was a fun nature tour that lasted a total of 90 minutes (one hour on the airboat) and it was extremely enjoyable.  After disembarking the boat, we were given a photo  of the tour group on the airboat with a calendar, free of charge.  

We would highly recommend Capt. Freds to anyone wanting a different kind of Florida adventure.  It is fun for all ages!

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