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2015 Housing Trends
December 30th, 2014 10:59 AM

With a brand new year on the horizon, many buyers and sellers are contemplating whether to build a new home or make major remodeling changes in an existing one.  The latest trends in design can help distinguish one home from another and many are geared to reduce maintenance and energy use.   Here are just 10 new trends that experts expect to draw great appeal in 2015:

1.  Coral shades.  A blast of a new color is the easiest change for sellers to make.  Coral Reef from Sherwin-Williams is the color of the year because it reflects optimism about the future.  The suggestion is to use it on an accent or outside wall,  paired with crisp white or grey.

2.  Quartzite. While granite still appeals, quartzite is becoming the new hot contender, thanks to its reputation as a natural stone that is virtually indestructible.  It closely resembles marble, without the drawbacks of staining. 

3.  Porcelain floors.  Instead of imitation wood, porcelain will be the 2015 choice.  It is less expensive and wears better.  Porcelain can be found in traditional small tiles or long, linear planks.  It is also available in numerous colors and textures.

4. Multiple master suites.  Having two master bedroom suites, each with its own adjoining bathroom, makes a house work better for multiple generations.  It is not only great for grown children or aging parents, but also for any guests. 

5.  Fireplaces and fire pits.  The sight of a flame - real or faux - has universal appeal as a signal of warmth and togetherness.  New versions on the market make this amenity more accessible with more compact design and fewer venting concerns.

6. Smaller kitchens.  There will be a return to more cozy workable kitchens, with just one set of appliances, fewer countertops and smaller islands. 

7.  White kitchens.  The all white kitchen is getting the attention.  There can be variations of white, to creamy and even pale blue-gray.  But white cabinets are most popular and can adapt to bigger, bolder hardware. 

8.  Keyless entry.  Forget your key?  No big deal as builders start to switch to biometric fingerprint door locks with numerical algorithms entered into a database.  Some systems even permit home owners to track who entered and when!

9.  Open Spaces.  An open floor plan has been around for awhile,  but it will continue to be popular for residential homes and even condos and townhomes. 

10.  Outdoor living.  Interest in spending time outdoors keeps growing, especially in Florida.  The new year will offer enhancements, such as outdoor showers adjacent to pools and hot tubs along with better-equipped roof decks.  The outdoor kitchens and bars along with fire pits, will continue to be quite popular as well.

While it is fun to be current with the latest trends, it is also wise to choose what may enhance the home for future value, not just a "fad" that will "fade" away in time.

Allen and I wish all of you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

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Posted by Barbara Doeringer on December 30th, 2014 10:59 AMPost a Comment

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