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10 Reasons for Florida
May 21st, 2014 1:52 PM

There are many reasons to love the sunshine state.  From our awesome culture, to the amazing food and gorgeous scenery, there are plenty of things about Florida that make it special.  Here are just 10:

1.  Everyone loves Florida's weather.  While the northern part of the country spent the winter dealing with the never-ending Polar Vortex, Floridians enjoyed another mild winter with pleasant temperatures and plenty of sunshine.

2.  Florida's varying landscapes and cultures make it easy to take a weekend vacation without ever leaving the state.  Florida is a very large state, that gives the opportunity to explore diverse cities, beaches and historic sights on both coasts, while also enjoying the unique wildlife throughout.

3. There are "hidden springs" with underwater caves where you can snorkel.   There are close to 900 freshwater springs in Florida, ranging from small ones to Silver Springs, the largest spring, which emits over 550 million gallons of water per day.  Experiencing one of these springs is like entering a new world . . . . you can even swim in underground caves!

4.  Florida has Cape Canaveral, the place that launches spacecraft into the sky.  When America decided to launch its space program, Cape Canaveral's location in Central Florida proved to be the perfect place due to its close proximity to the Equator, which allows rockets to take advantage of Earth's velocity, heading eastward.  Even though the space shuttle program was retired in 2011, the site is still launching rockets today.  And Kennedy Space center is well worth visiting to explore the world of space, from the past to the present. 

5. The Orlando area attracts more visitors than any other amusement park destination in the USA.   There is a park that caters to almost any interest anyone could have.  With Universal, Sea World, LegoLand, and the behemoth of theme parks, Disney World, which boasts four individual amusement parks, two water parks, Downtown Disney, Boardwalk and a Sports Complex, there is never enough time to experience all that is available!  Truly, this is the area that will entertain any age.

6.  Florida provides the whole country with oranges.  Not only does Florida have its own orange juice processing plants, but many orange tree groves remain along the highways and in the spring the fragrance of orange blossoms fills the air for weeks.  Also, orange juice is the state beverage, so it is only fitting that the orange is also the state fruit.  Florida produces over 70% of the nations oranges.  Visit the Florida Welcome Center as you cross into the state, and you will be "welcomed" with a fresh glass of orange juice.

7.  Rainstorms rarely last longer than a couple of hours in Florida.  If there is one word to describe our weather, it would be "unpredictable."  One moment you could be tanning in the sun, and the next you will be running to find shelter to escape pouring rain.  The good news is that the rain will not last long.   Soon after, that glorious sun is shining again.

8.  St Augustine is the oldest continuously occupied settlement of European and African-American origin in the country.   In 1565, before Jamestown and before Plymouth Rock, the Spanish landed at St. Augustine, making it the nation's oldest city.  It has a street pattern and architectural environment that  reflect Spanish origins. 

9.  The diversity of wildlife and nature in the Everglades is second to none!   There is so much life and beauty in the Florida Everglades, it's no wonder it's the largest subtropical wetland ecosystem in the country.  It is filled with wildlife that you will never see anywhere else, and much untouched land to protect many unique species.  You will think you are in another part of the world.

10.  If you can't go to Venice, Italy, then take a trip to Fort Lauderdale.   This beautiful city on the east coast has 165 miles of navigable local waterways, and has often been called the "Venice of America."  There are boardwalk restaurants and shops, and so much to see and do in this area, it will take weeks to enjoy it all. 

Here are only 10 reasons to live in Florida, but I could list many more.  Having lived here now for 15 years (originally from PA) I could never leave this daily paradise with so much to offer.

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